Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I'm back! I've been foraging in the forests and found myself lost, both spiritually and physically.

And now I've found myself again and am back with a vengeance.

It is said that man cannot live on bread and water alone. Never a truer word spoken.

After a harsh winter, breaking record figures at Gow's, it was time for me and the monkey-butler to spread our wings and see what else is out there in the pusuit of happiness. So we loaded up the jalopy on Saturday night and headed for deepest, darkest Greenwich Village - cooking in a penthouse suite for a group of happy flappers.

We were greeted by a bunch of beautiful people dressed in 20's outfits, waiting to experience and enjoy amazing food, fantastic service and loads of illicit booze - no prohibition here!

Being educational as well as committed to wowing the senses of taste, smell and texture (don't mind if I do), we paired 2 wines with each course. The debate was evenly matched with the Seared Foie Gras, Brioche and Calvados Apple Sauce to begin - half the room adamant that Sauternes was the finest pairing, the other up in arms that those sweet-wine loving infidels couldn't see the merits of a Blancs de Blancs vintage champagne from Ayala.

After a night of Cab Calloway and as the evening drew to a close, we packed our old kits bags, dirty washing and leftovers into the back of the jalopy, smiled, waved and went our way into the dark night of Old London Town.

4 days later the butler's car still stinks of garlic and rosemary Parmentier potatoes, oyster shells and spilled brandy.

Constructuve criticism for our first event? Too much food and charge more for our efforts! Music to our ears.

Anyone else want to book us in?


The Lionheart
Wednesday 9th February 2011

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